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Data Sourcing

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At Starfish Digital, we recognize that accessing, managing, and leveraging multi-bank data is a strategic advantage in today's financial landscape. Our Data-as-a-Service is designed to empower software providers with comprehensive financial data from multiple banks through a single, simplified connection to enhance their analytic offerings.


Key Features:


  • Expand Your Service Portfolio: By leveraging our Multi-Bank Data Sourcing (MBDS) capabilities, you can provide your clients with access to holistic financial insights. This allows them to aggregate real-time balances, transactions, and statements from multiple banks seamlessly.

  • Intra-day Reporting: Accelerate information beyond traditional business day only batch reports with API enabled intra-day data, available through weekends and public holidays.  Unlock new velocity to support your real-time business with enhanced visibility and make data driven decisions.

  • Data Enrichment: Enhance your software's analytical capabilities with consistent, standardized data to empower your users with comprehensive financial data from various banks.

  • Enhanced Security: Rest easy knowing that your clients' sensitive financial data is protected with our robust security measures and adherence to industry standards.

Multi-Bank Data Sourcing
Starfish Digital Multi-Bank Data Sourcing
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Starfish Digital Multi-Bank Data Sourcing - How it works

Multi-Bank Data Sourcing (MBDS) is the key to unlocking a wealth of financial data from various institutions, simplifying the way you access and utilize your client’s financial information. At Starfish Digital, we've engineered a seamless process to source, consolidate, and deliver data efficiently and seamlessly integrate to any API enabled platform.

  • Secure Authentication

  • Data Retrieval and Validation

  • Data Transformation

  • Secure Data Delivery

Our MBDS solution covers every step of the data journey, from sourcing to delivery. It guarantees that your financial data is precise, compliant, and always accessible for efficient financial management.

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