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Financial Institutions

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Empowering Financial Institutions

Starfish Digital partners with financial institutions, including banks and fintech platforms, to augment and expand your offerings, ultimately providing greater value to your clients. Our innovative solutions enables embedded banking services for ERPs and offer new data centric offerings for corporate clients.

How Starfish Digital Partners with Financial Institutions


  • Embedded banking for ERPs: Drive adoption of your banking products through a fintech partner effortlessly integrate them with multiple corporate client systems.

  • Efficient Payment Processing: Help your clients improve payment efficiency by enabling them to send payments and receive collections with ease, accuracy, and speed.

  • Expand Your Service Portfolio: More corporates are requesting API data sourcing as part of their banking relationship.  Leveraging our Multi-Bank Data Sourcing (MBDS) capabilities to win more mandates and offer enhanced digital solutions.

  • Enhanced Security: Rest easy knowing that your clients' sensitive financial data is protected with our robust security measures and adherence to industry standards.

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Partner with Starfish Digital

Becoming a partner with Starfish Digital to enables new opportunities for your institution. Our connectivity will embed your banking services into corporate software and our data enables new solutions for corporate clients.


  • Strengthen Client Relationships: Enhance your digital reputation with embedded banking services in your corporate client systems.  Enable their digital experience with for your bank with security, automation, and timely data.

  • Expand Your Service Portfolio: Enhance your service offerings by providing clients with access to cutting-edge financial technology solutions that deliver greater visibility and control.

  • Enhance Your Competitiveness: In a rapidly changing financial landscape, leverage Starfish Digital to drive client adoption of innovative banking products.

Ready to empower your clients with the next generation of banking and financial services?


Contact us at to explore partnership opportunities with Starfish Digital.

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