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Connecting to bank and fintech services, anywhere, through a single connection to automate daily business with greater efficiency, timeliness, and improved operations risk.

We provide financial connectivity-as-a-service to statements and payments, making real-time financial data accessible like never before.

Key Features:

  • Simplify Banking Relationships: Streamline your connectivity with numerous banks through a single, secure channel.

  • Real-Time Insights: Gain immediate access to transaction data, balances, and more, ensuring you're always in control.

  • Global Reach: Seamlessly connect with all your Financial Institutions, from global institutions to regional players.

  • Flexibility: Choose the connectivity options that work for you, whether it's API integration, SFTP access, or more.

Multi-Bank Connectivity
Starfish Digital Multi-Bank Connectivity
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Starfish Digital Mult-Bank Connectivity - how it works

Multi-Bank Connectivity simplifies and accelerates your financial operations by securely connecting your Finance/ERP system with multiple Financial Institutions. 

  • Secure authentication

  • Data access and validation 

  • Data transformation

  • Secure data delivery

We provide real-time access to account information and facilitates the automated execution of payment transactions. 

This end-to-end solution ensures that your financial data is accurate, compliant, and readily available for effective financial management.

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