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Starfish Open Banking APIs

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Key Challenges

  • Security, privacy, and resilience – Financial transactions require the highest levels of security, privacy, and business critical resilience. While banks invest heavily on information security controls and high availability, dissimilar levels of investment at the corporate client may potentially expose the service to disruption and data leakage.

  • File based integration – Limited exception handling on format mismatches, manual failure recovery following network or system outages, weak controls for file tampering and man-in-the-middle breaches, and long customer onboarding times, are just a few of the challenges avoided by a SaaS and API approach.

  • Technology capabilities – Many companies do not have a digital strategy, underlying infrastructure, processes, and inter-operability capabilities.

  • Technical debt – Companies often have antiquated systems or legacy debt inhibiting financial transparency and dynamic decision making.

Your Client Connectivity Platform - Starfish Connect

Starfish Connect is our proprietary client connectivity SaaS (software as a service) platform. It is purpose built as a financial integration hub to address the challenge of API Banking connectivity. Cloud native, API first, security, privacy, resiliency, and availability are the key design pillars, safeguarding your critical financial services.

Our solutions address the shared challenges of digital integration to API Banking:​

  • Security, privacy and resilience –  Our financial services experts have steered technology innovation at the world’s leading financial institutions, and designed Starfish Connect with global banking service standards in mind. We use data encryption, security keys, access controls, secrets vault, data protection and high availability controls to support your critical daily business. Starfish Connect is CREST certified.

  • Skills – Our buy-versus-build approach simplifies the technology skills requirement by providing products on our fully managed SaaS solution.

  • Technology capabilities – Starfish Connect is a comprehensive digital integration platform designed for financial connectivity at its core. It seamlessly transfers data between bank and corporate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

  • Technical debt – Starfish Connect powers commerce between banks and corporates. Our cloud- native platform efficiently integrates banks to corporate ERP systems, bypassing layers of technical debt.

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Key Benefits

  • Transact effortlessly – Starfish Connect helps banks and companies to transact by providing the client connectivity platform that powers financial commerce.

  • Reduce costly investments – Starfish Connect is purpose built to manage financial interactions. Our investment in the skills, training, processes, infrastructure, and operations allow you to enjoy digital connectivity that is secure. 

  • Peace of mind – Your financial data connections are secured, private and managed. Our twenty-four seven monitoring ensures financial transactions are delivered accurately, promptly and securely.

Key Features

  • Twenty-four seven fully managed service – We understand that Starfish Connect provides a business-critical service and needs to be available, and managed, no matter where you are located. Configuration changes, error correction and functionality enhancements are available as and when required.

  • Security and data privacy – Built with security and data privacy as core principles, we employ a zero- trust approach. We provide CREST certified platform security, find and access management, data protection and client privacy.

  • Availability and resilience – Built-in reliability, scalability, and resilience. Our technology detects and responds swiftly with self-healing processes to supply great service quality. Being financial technology experts, we understand that the data our systems manage is of paramount importance to our customers.

  • Service orchestration – One of the biggest obstacles to successfully running the complex layers of services needed to achieve digital connectivity is how to define and orchestrate an optimal experience/ Starfish Connect overcomes this challenge for you with its proprietary design.

  • Automation – We automate critical processes from development, through testing, to deployment, operations and maintenance. This allows for quicker response times, lower errors, and a consistent experience.

  • Future-proof – Our platform is designed to allow for change. Modular design, employing the latest proven technologies, ensures flexibility and the ability to adopt new requirements.

Starfish Digital provides API onboarding in a matter of weeks with our proprietary technology. So, you can address today’s challenges and take smart leaps ahead.

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