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Singapore, 08, July, 2022

Celent Recognises Starfish Digital for its Unique Corporate-to-Bank Connectivity Service.


11 July 2022, Singapore.  Celent the leading technology research and advisory firm in its recent API- Based Corporate-to-Bank Connectivity report, recognises Starfish Digital as a unique provider for corporate-to-bank channel connectivity.

According to Patricia Hines, Head of Corporate Banking at Celent, “Although a relatively new entrant into the multi-bank connectivity space, Starfish Digital stands out as the only provider in our research that markets to both banks (for multi-client connectivity) and corporate clients (for multi-bank connectivity). The provider is well positioned to help both banks and corporates at the beginning of their API-enabled connectivity journey, especially as one of the few providers that can meet the full range of connectivity requirements, both file- and API-based.” 

Corporate-to-bank channel connectivity is a critical enabler for businesses of all sizes as they expand globally and increase the number of banks and accounts needed to conduct business. Historically, companies used several integration methods to exchange financial data: bank portals, mobile apps, host-to-host files, domestic networks, and the SWIFT network. However, over the past few years, APIs have emerged as a new connectivity channel for bank clients, enabling real-time, embedded, and automated data flows between corporates and their banks.  

Global businesses are demanding digital corporate banking relationships that automate cumbersome manual processes. To cope with the increasingly hybrid world of corporate-to-bank integration, banks must offer a full range of attended and unattended channels tailored to a corporate’s specific demands. Starfish Digital is distinctively positioned to support banks with its bank-to-corporate financial integration SaaS service.  

Patrick Huang, Chief Executive Officer, Starfish Digital says, “ “We partner with banks to evolve their channel strategies and package their financial products directly into their customers’ systems.  This moves their relationship towards real-time, automated digital banking.  We are delighted to feature in this comprehensive global research report produced by Celent, the expert in financial service technology.”  

To discover how banks are working to launch their API product and channel strategies downloading the Celent report here: 

About Starfish Digital:

Starfish Digital is a financial connectivity platform. We digitise and deliver financial data between banks and companies. The Starfish Universal Adaptor intelligently unlocks and integrates financial data from any source to any target.  Starfish Connect provides an end-to-end managed service with the security and reliability demanded of critical B2B financial infrastructure.  Headquartered in Singapore, we deliver globally.

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