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Starfish Digital enables companies to envision, transact and optimise their business in more profitable ways

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Starfish Digital is a microservices and digital integration company. We enable B2B systems integration to automate millions of data transactions seamlessly. Our technology is delivered as-a-service so it's easily consumable, pay-as-you-use, and compatible with wherever you are on your digital acceleration journey. This translates into cost savings, greater operational flexibility and faster time-to-market for launching digital products and services. We aim to deliver results that improve your profits and enhance your customers' experience.


Starfish Finance offers a suite of microservices applications to optimise how you manage your finances and create digital products and services. Our adaptive microservices are compatible with your systems and incorporate the best of cloud innovation to enhance your service value.  We deliver dynamically scalable, fault tolerant, predictable, and secure technology so you can focus on growing your business.

Starfish Imagineering helps you create your own digital offerings. The combination of our Starfish Imagineers and proprietary methodology, Starfish Create, provides a comprehensive service. So, you can conceptualise, build and launch new capabilities at an accelerated pace.  


Starfish Connect is the SaaS digital integration platform that enables your future and brings the essential elements of your business to the digital front-end. Our proprietary template approach and skilled engineers accelerate the adoption of APIs and microservices to digitally connect you to customers, suppliers and marketplaces. Starfish Connect is designed in the cloud for reliability and scalability, leverages blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions and offers a robust security architecture

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